Custom Trailer Gallery

We have been manufacturing custom built trailers for over 20 years from small 4x3' gardening trailers to canoe / kayak trailers what ever your requirements we can fabricate a custom trailer built to your exact specification. All trailer chasis are fully galvanised giving them a strong long lasting finish which will never require painting.

6x4' Gardening Trailer with Tailgate & High Mesh Side Panels

Trailers can be supplied with un braked suspension ranging from 350kg - 1000kg these units are suitable for mosts general purpose trailers. You can tow a maximum of 750 Kg with an unbraked trailer but you cannot exceed half the kerb weight of the towing vehicle. You can tow a trailer with a Gross Weight higher than your car’s towing limit as long as you only load it up to that limit. It is illegal to exceed the car’s towing limit. 

For larger trailers which may weigh upto 3500kg the use of braked suspension units is required The weight of a braked trailer should not exceed 85% of the kerb weight of the tow car (you can find the kerb weight in your vehicle manual)Look in the vehilce handbook or on a plate riveted to the vehicle to find this figure. You then have to subtract the weight of the towing vehicle (including fuel, driver, passengers, luggage or cargo) from the Gross Train Weight. The amount you are left with is the maximum theoretically-possible weight of trailer that can be towed legally. REMEMBER, the law does not care whether the trailer is empty or packed to the roof with bricks, what counts is the plated gross vehicle weight of the trailer.

Below are a small selection of some of our recent fabrications

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