Single Wiring N-Type Socket

This wiring kit will be supplied / fitted using the most suitable relay for your vehicle. On mosts modern vehicles a bypass relay will be required as not to disturb the vehicles complex wiring sytems. An audible signal is given from the relay when the indicators are in use on the unit being towed. 

Twin Wiring N & S-Type Sockets

Using a twin wiring kit the N-Type socket operates the towed units lights giving off an auidible signal when the indicators are in use, as above this kit would be supplied / fitted using the most suitable relay for your vehicle. The S-Type socket uses a self switching relay to provide power to a caravans battery charging sytem and refrigerator whilst towing, when stationary this system shuts off so not to drain the cars battery.

13 Pin Euro Socket

If you own a modern caravan you will notice that there is now only a single plug for connecting up to your vehicle this is known as a 13 pin Euro Socket which is slowly replacing the older N / S type sockets. Fitting a 13 pin socket also has its advantages when combined with a detachable towbar as the single socket can be hidden behind the bumper when not in use.

Dedicated Wiring (Vehicle Specific) 

A dedicated wiring kit is vehicle specific and can therefore only be installed on the model of car it was designed for. Each kit has been developed to integrate into the vehicles exising wiring sytems activating inbuilt safety features such as:

•Interactive /self levelling suspension
•Crash anticipation
•Hill start assist
•Intelligent braking
•Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
•Fog lamp cut off
•Parking sensor cut off
Please note each vehicle has different inbuilt features and may not provide all of the above. After installation your vehicle may require a dealer recode to activate the features which may incur an additional charge.

Our View on dedicated wiring kits

Plug-in kits are a good option on some vehicles, especially on vehicles fitted with some of the safety features listed above. Some customers do insist on them, so it is only reasonable that we give the option to have them fitted. They are not, however, superior to properly fitted bypass systems. With a few exceptions, they are not “OEM” (Original Equipment) they are after-market products, like bypass relays. In the end, it comes down to what you the customer chooses.

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